Easy Answer to how Sponsorships Work.

Quick word about how the Primitive Revival Sponsorships work. The money from the sponsored ads goes 100% right back into the perpetuation of future hunting videos.  By our sponsors pooling together with a community type fund, I can get us into better locations and make evermore exciting hunts which better promotes all of our team's products. It's a team effort in which my time, cost, responsibility, and expectations for success are much higher than the others' and I am willing to take that on for those willing to exhibit faith in my personal integrity. I especially like to celebrate the craftsmen and try to help their journey in entrepreneurship, but that being said, I won't twist anyone's arm to join. I wouldn't want anyone on the team that doesn't whole heartedly want to be involved. If you've got a related product and have interest in joining, then I would love to see what you make and listen to your story.

Statistics of Growth:

1st video- Hunting the Ancient Snakewood:  60,000 views @ the 1 year mark (now at 200k+)

2nd video- Hunting Pigs on Public Land:       70,000 views @ the 6 month mark (now 110k+)

3rd video-  Epic Ancient Spear hunt for boar: 140,000 views in 3 months  

Each new video grows bigger, faster, and created more subscriptions.  What are you waiting for? get on board!

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