HuntPrimitive School

The HuntPrimitive School is 100% based on building individuals into elite Primitive builders and hunters. By joining the HuntPrimitive Tribe, you will be accessing the best information available to allow you to blossom into the best primitive builder and hunter you can be.  We take novices and professionals alike and give them the key and confidence for success based on the proven methods practiced by Professional Hunter & Builder, Ryan Gill.

Taking various classes from the Huntprimitive School puts you in the HuntPrimitive Tribe and those that work hard and excel in their area of interest have the potential to advance into either/or Future HuntPrimitive School instructors and/or HuntPrimitive Tribe hunters to participate in future Primitive Hunting Productions.

At the HuntPrimitive School, we build PRIMITIVE HUNTERS! Sign up for a class and begin your HuntPrimitive Journey!

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