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            Gill’s Primitive Archery is looking for non-compete sponsors for the new venture “Primitive Revival Productions” which is a primitive archery/weapons hunting show that is growing in size at an excellent rate. The videos will be published free to the viewers (maximizing the amount of views) on YouTube and/or similar video sites, ie: FaceBookAutoPlay, as well as being featured on Gill’s Primitive  Archery/Primitive Revival Production’s website and social media.
What will Sponsors receive in exchange for their sponsorship? As of right now, the information will be as follows, subject to change after the term has expired.  Sponsorship terms will run 1 year.  Sponsors will receive the following:
​---A sponsor logo advertisement and link to your website and/or facebook account on the Primitive Revival Productions page (currently my home page)  located on for 1 continuous year.
---The only sponsorship in your major craft field. Ie: 1 custom knife maker sponsor,  1 moccasin sponsor, etc.
A logo advertisement in every produced “Primitive Revival Productions” hunting video produced that year. The ad runs for the life of the video, (essentially forever) at NO additional compensation to or from Gill’s Primitive Archery, or Primitive Revival Productions. *See terms of advertisements
---A clickable link to your site in the description section of the YouTube video.
---A special product feature (Affiliate provides product for feature) in at least 1 produced video.
---The opportunity (your choice) to have Gill’s Primitive Archery carry your product on during the 1 year sponsorship. ** see terms of website sales
*Terms of advertisements are as follows:
- Sponsorship runs in every video produced in your sponsor year. (Primitive Revival Productions hunting-style videos. Not every  how-to or Gill's P.A. blog post)
- You will receive advertisements in a MINIMUM of 2 videos per sponsorship. In the event that only 1 video is produced in your sponsor year, your advertisement will roll over into the next produced video regardless of time passed, at which time there-after, the sponsorship is terminated unless renewed.
-After sponsorship termination (if not renewed), your ads remain on the video as well as your clickable link in the description. The ads and links on will be removed and the opportunity for a new sponsor to take the non-compete sponsorship slot.
**Terms of website sales are as follows:
Being and sponsor to Primitive Revival Productions, and affiliate to Gill’s Primitive Archery, you will have the choice and opportunity for Gill’s Primitive Archery to carry your product in good faith during your sponsorship via click-though links. All sales made on product sold on are free for sponsors. We have no fee so long at Gill’s Primitive Archery is not responsible for delivery or handling of the product. Warranty or returns are forwarded to the affiliates and not covered by Gill’s Primitive Archery.
So, what numbers of views are your sponsorship advertisements and product features subject to be exposed to?  Predicting how each video will be viewed or received is not something easily accomplished. Gill’s Primitive Archery’s earliest video “Hunting the Ancient Snakewood” (which was a low budget, low cost film) Netted 60k+ Youtube Views in the first year.  Gill’s Primitive Archery also outsources videos (when accepted) to Wide Open Spaces accounted for an additional 21,738 views in a 2 month period. (Wideopenspaces views are not counted on Youtube.) The total number of views in 1 year’s time reached over 80,000 views. That was just the first, non-sponsored video produced. It continues to gain views at a rapid rate each passing day.  Youtube compounds popularity. The more views you get, the more it shares and recommends your video to others. Videos typically grow at a faster rate after cresting milestone numbers. Remember, your ads continue to run at no additional cost regardless of number of views. So, in 5 years, the video may have 200k views, or 1 million views. Your ad lives on, cost free (quite an investment).  In the extremely unlikely event that one of your 2-minimum sponsored videos does not crest 10k views in 1 year (extremely unlikely), your sponsorship will roll over into the next published video at no additional cost.
update: At the 1.5 year mark, "Hunting the Ancient Snakewood"  crested the 100k view mark (now at 200k)!, it essentially doubled the views in half the amount of time because YouTube compounds viewer outreach. The more your video is viewed, the more YouTube shares your video for you. It grows at a faster rate throughout time.
Gill’s Primitive Archery is studying and working with an Analytical Professional to maximize traffic to both as well as the Gill’s P.A. YouTube channel. This company is on the rise and projected to climb in popularity at a much faster rate as a result of Primitive Revival Productions.  Get on board Early!
What kind of Sponsors are we looking for?
Primitive Revival Productions are looking for non-compete sponsors and affiliates to Gill’s Primitive Archery.  Sponsors and affiliates are to not have any major competes within the sponsors. Ie: 1 custom knife maker, 1 game calls maker, etc.  There will undoubtedly be minor competes with a crossover of minor products (both companies may carry tabs, or low production merchandise) but the main product should be of a single sponsor. When paying for advertising in a magazine or forum, often times you pay for your ad or sponsorship and receive an ad right next to a competitor, causing a split of potential customers. In our sponsorship ranks we want to maintain a sole-market opportunity. So if you sign on as a sponsor, know that another sponsor with the same main product being featured will not be in the same ad space. Likewise, we hope you understand that if you wish to be a sponsor and are a competitor to a current sponsor, your sponsorship will unfortunately have to be rejected. (*outfitters have no limitations to sponsorship numbers). Products must also be approved by Gill’s P.A./Primitive Revival Productions, as the sponsored product must be a product we believe to be quality, and are proud to represent.
A projected list of sponsors, but not limited to are:
-custom knife maker/forger
-Stave, arrowshaft, and stone suppliers, etc.  (raw materials)
-media (books, dvd’s relating to traditional/primitive archery) * Non-compete does not apply.
-display case craftsman (arrowhead/knife cases)
-Traditional fiberglass laminated bow maker.
-Muzzleloader builder/retailer
-Tooled leather goods (back quivers, tabs, gloves, arm guards, etc.)
-Outfitters *Non-compete does not apply
-Primitive potters, basket makers, primitive skills/crafts
-Game call makers
-Traditional/primitive artists/carvers
*** If you want to be a sponsor not on this list, just ask!
Sponsorship costs (subject to change with growth, only after term has expired)
It is our hope that our business helps to grow your business. In the beginning, sponsorships are not designed to profit Gill’s Primitive Archery (G.P.A. profits through self-advertising), but to collect funds to purchase better filming/editing equipment, and pay for higher quality future hunts. It’s a basic ideology that “trophy” animals (unfortunately!) get more views in this day & age of big antlers. To kill big bucks, elk, etc. You have to hunt where those animals exist. That costs a lot of money these days! Better quality hunts = more views. More views= more advertising success.
Paid in Full costs are due at time of sponsorship. This payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, check, or money order.
Hunting Outfitters- Negotiable full or partial trade for hunt opportunity. (call for details)
Or                                                                          $1,500 1 yr sponsorship
Products and Retailers  (Clothes,calls, knives, arrows, art) -              $800 1ys sponsorship
Media (books, dvds, etc)                                                                $100  1yr sponsorship

Special circumstance advertiser costs may vary more or less. If you have a question regarding your potential sponsorship, please do not hesitate to ask. We can customize your advertising experience to better suit your needs.