New* Primitive Model

       "If you want a Primitive Bow of a lifetime, this Primitive model is for you!"

Putting the Primitive back in Primitive Archery with this new model. We've for years focused on building fancier custom bows and slowly got away from the roots of primitive archery, but that is a fact no more. The new Primitive model is the quintessential of primitive archery. It is to specifically appeal to hunters and archers that want an extremely reliable hunting bow built from a stave of Osage Orange, but also want it as basically "primitive" as possible. If you are looking for a fancy, sweet drawing & shooting custom bow with reflexed tips and a leather grip with a shelf, I recommend the Osage Hunter Model. These Primitive bows are not a custom made-to-order bow. I build each one to be the best it can be and whatever weight it perfectly tillers to, that is the weight it will be. These will be sold on a first come first serve basis but as time goes by I plan to build a nice little inventory of this model so you can always click on my Bows in Stock page to see what is currently available. (This page is found under "Bows" in the menu, or on the side bar at the right of the screen, or the bottom of the screen. If you look, you can find that list pretty fast!)

 More about this model: These are made from a single stave of seasoned Osage. They have no arrowshelf and can often be shot right or left handed, but they are specifically built in mind for right handed shooters (feel free to ask if you are left handed to make sure the one you are looking at is left hand compatible.) The limbs are straight and offer no recurved or reflexed tips. They often have a few harmless pin knots and some natural wiggle as with any wood bow. This IS the BOW to have if you want a real primitive bow. They are 100% made for hunting big game. Best part is, it is adorned with my new Bison horn Arrowhead inlay makers mark which means it is part of my Lifetime series collection and has a 2 year warranty against breakage and a lifetime warranty on repairs.

                               You can expect prices to be set around $499.

sample pictures below

braced 1