125 grain Matched Stone Points


These are 125 grain stone points.

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While I often recommend the smaller stone points as they have lower resistance for penetrating hide and hair, I am acutely aware that many traditional based shooters are used to shooting 125 grain points. Through a lot of research, testing and refining of edge geometry, we are now confident it providing traditional archers with the best 125 grain stone point set available anywhere!

Since stone is lighter than steel, the heavier you go, the bigger the stone point gets. 125 grain points are a pretty good sized point and for those that like to shoot extreme FOC numbers with very heavy steel points, stone points may not be for you as the extreme size of those stone points can hinder penetration and have reverse penetrative results than those seen in very thinly honed steel points. Always keep in mind that I kill big game every single year with 60-80 grain stone points on the end of my arrows and still almost always shoot out both sides of the animal, so the reality of needing any extremely heavy heavy point to be successful in hunting big game, just isn’t true. If we truly believed we would be benefiting from shooting very heavy heads, I promise you , we would be using them ourselves!

These 125 grain matched sets are chipped within a few grains of each other, over 7/8″ wide,  and all come in the standard side notch style to be legal in as many states as possible that allow stone hunting points.

The chert/flint point  are the strongest points we offer, but still plenty sharp.

Obsidian is the sharpest, but not quite as strong as the chert/flint

Note: We do not recommend practicing with stone points as they will dull or can break. We recommend testing and tuning arrows with a 125 grain field point and then haft the stone points when it is time to hunt. If a test shot or 2 is required, shoot them into a very soft Styrofoam target to avoid damaging the very sharp edges.

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Flint (Chert), Obsidian

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