The HuntPrimitive Skinner


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These blades are of strict design created by Ryan Gill and executed perfectly & Hand-Forged by our HuntPrimitive Bladesmith, Jason Smith of Hobo Forge Survival.   We consider these to be heirloom pieces, handed down for generations to come.

These are an extremely sharp tool purpose built, quenched and tempered to skin, bone and butcher even the largest of big game animals with maximum use of the swelled belly blade design. The convex grind allows for easy sharpening and an effortless cut. The sharp tip allows for butter like incisions. The extended bolster and slight concavity of the heel is purpose built for wringing around legs and joints while not compromising the sharpness of the skinning edge.

Specifically designed and built to not require sharpening during animal processing.  We have processed entire deer, wild boars, and even an alligator with one of these knives and still could buck hairs of your arm after the job was complete. 2 licks later on a sharpening wheel and the blade in immediately back to clean shaving, paper slicing sharp. A truly must-have for any serious hunter.

Hammered  1095 steel, Walnut scaled handle, brass pins, and leather sheath included. These are beautiful handmade pieces of the same strict but rustic theme, but with individual unique characteristics from the forging process.

Blade length: Approx 5″        Overall length: Approx 9.5″

*** Extremely sharp, handle with special care and do not leave within reach of children.

** These knives are purpose built to have an edge to perform flawlessly on game processing. The edge and grind is not designed for brutal testing as seen on TV like stabbing steel drums and hammering into dense objects.