20lbs of Mixed Cobbles


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We have a small stockpile of small fist sized cobbles of chert, obsidian, and agatized coral.  These are perfect for those that want to go start to finish from a rock, spall your own flakes, and make your own points. Working these smaller cobbles can be seen in the video linked at the bottom of the page.  The All of this rock can be knapped raw, the coral would benefit from heat treating after you spall it to make it chip cleaner and pop the colors, but the chert and obsidian need no heat at all. This is definitely more the DIYers box compared to the fully processed rock sold on the other pages. Supplies of these smaller cobbles is limited. We ship it in Medium flat rate priority boxes so you get this biggest bang for your buck. It’s great rock and its pure form.  Examples of the mix of the boxes is seen below.