20lbs of Small Raw Coral Heads


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We have a small stockpile of small agatized coral heads. These are raw, uncooked and average 4-6 inches in diameter. Coral heads of this size are typically very high quality rock, but small and difficult to spall for large flakes. These are better served for folks that cut slabs or want to spall for flake sized, small arrowhead pieces.  Some are translucent, some have color, some should have good polyp structure. Boxes of these will be a mix of all. There is approximately 20 lbs of rock in a medium flat rate box, so we simply sell it by the box full with flat rate shipping costs included in the purchase price.  We do the best we can to ensure the best rock possible, but we cannot guarantee against any imperfections inside the rock. Colors will typically pop brighter after you heat treat them.