.62cal/20ga Flintlocks (Full Kit)


.62 cal smoothbore Flintlock with full kit. Powder horn, possibles bag, cleaning supply, roundballs, shot, etc…

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We have 2 special edition Flinklock sets available. These are full sets with almost everything you could ever need to start your flintlock journey. Both sets are nearly identical so what you see in the pictures is what you get!  The Trade-gun style Flintlock is a .62 caliber smoothbore (20 gauge). We love this caliber because you can quite literally hunt quail in the morning and moose in the evening. They are extremely versatile being able to be loaded with shot or round ball.  The guns have the 42 inch barrel in grey steel, maple stock, and bass trim. The ramrod has 2 tool accepting ends to accept all the cleaning tools needed (which are also provided). 1 end is 8/32 and the opposite end is 10/32 threads. The flint has been set in lead for maximum retention and tested for optimal spark. These are high quality guns built with high quality parts and ready to hunt the same day you get them.

What’s included:

  • 1   .62 cal flintlock

  • 50  .600 roundballs

  • 200 square patches for both cleaning and for use with a roundball first or second shot on a clean barrel (more info on this below)

  • 100 fly cut wads for shooting shot

  • 100 overshot cards

  • a shot bag filled with #5 shot (enough to get you started)

  • a hand crafted powder horn

  • a bottle of cleaning solvent

  • all the cleaning tools needed with a little leather bag to hold them

  • a leather possibles bag already set up with a 3 shot speedloader, a touch hole pick, an 80 grain powder measurer made from deer horn, and a strip of flannel for cleaning the fouling from the pan between shots.

What is not included but you will need:

  • Black powder (I am not licensed to sell it so I cannot provide it for you) I recommend Goex ffg for both the charge and in the pan. (I do not recommend pyrodex, use real black powder)

  • a gun oil of your choice. You will want to make sure you clean and oil your gun often to keep it pristine and in shoot shooting order

  • You will want/need to file the front sight down to sight in the elevation of the gun. make sure you spend a little time test shooting and filing the sight down until it hits right on target. I recommend doing this at 20 yards.

  • optional:  spare flints. (this is optional, but you may want to make a few or get a few on order just to have on hand), and more shot. There is enough shot to get started but you will likely want to order a bag of shot in your preferred size (I like #5 shot)

Special notes:

  • These barrels tend to favor the included .600 balls the best. I often find that the first shot is perfect to use with a patch. Cut one of the cleaning patched into 4 squares and use one square per ball. Typically after the barrel is dirtied, a patch is not needed. just drop a ball down and tamp it on the powder to seat it. You may find that your particular gun can fit a patched roundball for several shots. If it slides down easy, use the patch. If the patched ball begins to tighten, do not force it. Use the ball puller, squirt a little oil or lube down the barrel, and removed the patched ball and load an unpatched round ball. You will know then know how many patched roundballs you can shoot after your first shot on a clean barrel. After a full cleaning your first load will be a patched round ball. (lubing your patches can help also if you want to shoot multiple patched roundballs, but I have great accuracy with unpatched balls as well.

  • We typically have great luck shooting 80 grains of goex ffg powder. the powder measurer provided (attached to the bag is approx 80 grains.

  • If you shoot shot at big animals like turkeys, I recommend 80 grains power, a wad, and 2 full powder measurers full of shot, then the overshot card.

  • If you shoot shot at smaller animals like squirrels and quail, I recommend half a powder charge, a wad, 1 full powder measurer full of shot, and then the overshot card.