Archaic Hunter Atlatl Set


Allow 2-3 weeks for build and delivery. These sets INCLUDE: 1 Natural hardwood thrower 2 Matched Rivercane darts (8.5-9′ long overall) 2 Metal practice pointed foreshafts 4 Stone hunting tipped foreshafts 1 Bone Buster Blunt foreshaft 1 Bison Hide Foreshaft Quiver (optional) Some assembly required (see description)

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After years of development, experimentation, and practical theory, I finally have built a system of Hunting atlatls that I truly believe to be not only the most historically accurate in use of almost all natural materials, but also the best in real world hunting scenarios.  These are specifically designed for both power and accuracy at close (15 yard and closer) hunting ranges. The darts have a total length of between 8 1/2 – 9 ft in length when the foreshaft is affixed. They have interchangeable forshafts to easily change between practice points, blunts, and stone hunting points. With sufficient practice these are more than capable of taking game as small as frogs, all the way up to penetrating the shoulder blade of a wild boar. Most people build an atlatl by crafting a cool looking thrower first and then use whatever darts they can throw off of it. A well built set works together perfectly. I build the matched darts first, then build the thrower to perfectly balance the darts. Given the way I construct the throwers, there is no need to add a banner weight to help counter balance. The biggest problem folks have with banner weights is their tendency to slide over time, always changing how the set balances.  With these throwers, there are no extra frills to fail. They are reliable every single throw and the handles are contoured to promote a muscle memory to ensure consistent hand placement every single time. In this case, perfectly matched simplicity is King.

Sets include: 1- Natural Hardwood thrower, 2- Matched Rivercane Darts, 2 Metal practice tipped foreshafts, 4- Stone hunting tipped foreshafts, 1- Bone Buster Blunted foreshaft, -1 Bison Hide foreshaft quiver (quiver can be excluded if you wish) .  Everything you need in a professional quality atlatl setup.

note: some assembly required. Due to the long length of the spears, they are cut in half and utilize a doweling system to make them whole again. Simply align the color coded lines and glue in place with wood glue. It’s that easy! Glue not included. (I recommend titebond 3 or almost any wood glue)

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Foreshaft Quiver

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