Bamboo Arrow Shafts


Note: Due to Overseas shipping issues related to the Corona Virus, we are not able to ship any more of these in until further notice. The spines we have listed are what we currently have in stock until further notice.

Price is per Dozen shafts Note: These are not an on-shelf ready to ship item. We select and straighten these be hand as a service so it does typically take a week or 2 to get your order.  That hands-on grading and straightening is what makes these the best processed bamboo shafts available. Please allow 1-2 weeks for process and delivery.

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These Bamboo arrowshafts are commonly found on many other websites. What sets HuntPrimitive’s apart is that we have taken this a step further. These are Chinese manufactured arrowshafts and when ordered, don’t arrive properly spined and also are most often quite crooked. When you purchase these shafts from us you’re not just getting a marked up price for retail. We properly spine test and sort these shafts, then using direct heat, hand straighten each shaft to be the absolute best it can be. There are always going to be some very slight wiggles in a bamboo shaft but these are among the straightest most consistent bamboo shafts available anywhere. These are spined in 5# ranges and come approx 5/16 in Diameter and approx 33″ long .  Sold by the Dozen

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50-55#, 55-60#, 70-75#


Cut in selfnocks, None