Basic Buffalo Quiver


Allow 2-3 weeks for build and delivery.


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Just like my Premium Buffalo Quiver, this one is quite popular but is a little simpler in design and comes at a great value. Has a fully adjustable strap and a stiffening rod. Hand stitched from split bison hide (suede texture) to give a more authentic primitive look.
The standard depth is 27 inches deep which accommodates my arrows well. If you desire a custom length at no additional cost, just give me a shout and we will make it happen.
colors vary slightly but you can choose either a light brown, dark brown, or black

Typically holds 5-6 hunting-tipped arrows or 6-8 target arrows comfortably.

Also specify which side (Side) you would like it to hang on while wearing it.

Additional information

Quiver Color

Black, Dark Brown, Light brown

Side worn

Left, Right (most common)


No, Yes