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We’ve figured out where we want to be in efficiency with primitive bow-fishing arrows. Thanks to a lot of R&D in HuntPrimitive’s recent mini-series, “Primitive Bow Hunting Adventures”, we’ve ironed out some solid primitive fishing arrow options. Both arrow designs are based off an approximately 4ft (+/-) river cane arrow. The modern-influenced arrows are a little more maintenance-free with glued on field points and epoxy coated artificial sinew bindings. They are still simple fishing arrows that work well, but you have less worries about dislodging points.  The Contextually Primitive versions are just that. They are absent off all modern glues and bindings. The utilize a pin-style antler point glued into a socketed cane shaft with pine pitch glue, wrapped with real sinew, and then water proofed with pine pitch.  The Primitive Fishing arrows may require some maintenance in resetting points or re-pitching the sinew wraps on occasion.  

Both Arrow designs are barbless and the Contextually Primitive arrows are modeled after bone/antler pin fishing artifacts common in the South East.  Unlike modern fishing arrows, there is no line or reel. These require the hunter/fisher to jump into the water, pin the fish to the bank or bottom, and then retrieve the shot fish as seen in some of our videos (Linked below).  These are even an improvement over the arrows used in the videos as these arrows are designed to penetrate further into the fish so they can’t wiggle off as easy.  

The challenge and reward of Primitive Bow fishing is unmatched. It’s non-stop fun shooting at fish. Rather than shoot and reel the arrow back in, these give the archer  multiple shots at fish before stopping to retrieve arrows. We recommend sets of 3 arrows, but single arrows are a great way to dip your toe into the primitive fishing world. 

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