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Approximately 4ft long (+/-) these primitive fishing arrows are perfect for your primitive hunting kit. We’ve developed a synthetic barbed bone tip that gives the same form and function as a carved antler or ivory point, but keeps build costs down. They are perfect in consistency and function. They are based on our truly primitive designs which we have thoroughly tested, yet these arrows feature the new synthetic bone tips and also a durable black epoxy in place of the traditional pine pitch sealer on the sinew wraps. The epoxy, again, gives the same form and function as the pitch but eliminates the need for constant maintenance. You  get all the looks and feel of a true primitive fishing arrow without the maintenance hassle. Just hours of worry free bow fishing.  

Primitive fishing arrows are designed to shoot without a line attached. Fish are either retrieved by canoe or by wading into the water as seen in our many bow fishing videos on the HuntPrimitive YouTube channel. The challenge and reward of Primitive Bow fishing is unmatched. It’s non-stop fun shooting at fish. Rather than shoot and reel the arrow back in, these give the archer  multiple shots at fish before stopping to retrieve arrows. We recommend sets of 3 arrows, but single arrows are a great way to dip your toe into the primitive fishing world. 

Do keep in mind that these arrows are not metal so shooting into rocks, stumps or other hard targets/backstops will result in damaged or broken points. 


bone fishing points
Our new synthetic bone fishing points
Primitive fishing arrows
Primitive fishing arrows

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