Primitive Bow Building




Formally Titled, Building The Snakey Osage, but not just For Snakey bows, this book is an all inclusive guide to building selfbows. Why this book and not other? This book is written by a full time professional bowyer and hunter. You wont find that kind of solid information and real world application in one book anywhere else. This book is worth it’s weight in gold if you are serious about building your very own hunting bows.

Learn to build your very own Primitive Osage orange wood bow with this extremely detailed publishing. Also covers building straight bows, character bows, multiple wood species, fix and repair, recurves…  all inclusive guide to primitive flat bows, start to finish.
158 COLOR print pages crammed full of knowledge and experience that will shave years off your learning curve. It teaches you the correct ways of building bows for performance as well as longevity.  This book teaches you to build high quality bows with MINIMAL tools required. Perfect for the DIY hobbyist.
This one is a MUST for your collection. Order it today!