Cherokee bows


Allow 3-6 weeks for building and delivery.



Cherokee reproduction bows are the standard rectangle cross section D bow with diamond shaped nocks. These typically bend through the handle slightly, have no arrow shelf, and may be ordered with out without a leather grip. These  come in average lengths of 60-68″ long and are made within 5 pounds of your specified weight. The lengths will vary depending on draw length and wood type. These bows are made from Black locust, Hickory, or osage. These bows may or may not have a heat tempered belly (if they need it) and usually have a little bit of string follow. The string that is included is a full primitive twisted replica string made from b-50 dacron that is colored and twisted just like a sinew string. Since these bows are specifically intended to be a reproduction style bow, there are some slight intentional tool marks and blemishes left in the wood to keep with the authentic context of these bows. They do not come with any high gloss polishes, or tip overlays. There are not many add-ons for these simple bows.  This is viewed by many to be the quintessential Native American bow

Additional information

Draw Length (Extremely Important Info)

22 inch draw, 23 inch draw, 24 inch draw, 25 inch draw, 26 inch draw, 27 inch draw, 28 inch draw, 29 inch draw, 30 inch draw

Draw Weight (approx.)

40-45#, 45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#, 65-70#

Wood Type

Black Locust, Hickory, Osage (will have some character)

Grip Color

no grip (bare wood), Braintan color (natural/light cream), Brown


Left handed, Right handed


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