Chopping Knives for Bow making (and more)



Caution, knives are extremely sharp. Open with care upon arrival.


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These hand forged high carbon choppers are without a doubt the best choppers I have ever used for roughing out bows and many other chopping tasks. HuntPrimitive has Teamed up with Jason Smith at HoboForge to produce a very sharp, very safe, and very efficient tool. You can even watch a video of one of these in action at the bottom of the page.  Each one is hand forged and is a little bit different but all of the same style, pattern and consistent quality. The knives sold here are perfect workhorses, but if you would like a custom built piece with more weight, specific sizes or handle materials, you can contact Jason Smith @Hoboforge on Instagram.        Sheaths are also now available for those that wish to order them as well.

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