Fish Spears


Price is per spear. I recommend 2-3 for fishing adventures.

please allow up to 2 weeks for build times



These fish spears are just like the ones I use in my fishing videos. They work very well as you can see. These spears fit the Atlatl Starter sized throwers very well. They are in the 6 ft range and have a friction fit foreshaft tipped with a bone or antler barbed point. They are very secure and held in place by a synthetic pitch that will not come undone, making for worry free fishing. I only suggest you avoid rocks!  The forshafts are not meant to come out once put in. As you use them, the foreshafts jam in tighter. They can me removed with enough force but if you do happen to break one, It’s honestly easier to just replace the whole spear as the lion’s share of the work goes into the point. How these work is, the barbs obviously hold the fish, but the abrupt transition from foreshaft to main shaft stops the spear from over penetrating and traps the fish on the foreshaft. Fish can’t swim with a spear in it, making it easy to recover.