Glass Cherokee Bow


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Draw weights are measured at 28″ but designed to handle draw lengths out to 31″. 

We currently have bows available within 5 lbs weight increments. 

1 year warranty


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The Glass Cherokee Bow is inspired and based on the classic Cherokee and Eastern woodland hunting bows. This model of bow is the gateway to primitive archery for people that are either just getting started into primitive archery and are not ready to commit to a full custom wood bow order. Or, for those used to shooting traditional fiberglass bows and just want to dip their toe in the primitive pool. The true benefits of these brown fiberglass/maple laminate bows is that they require very little maintenance, can be left strung up for long periods of time, have no moisture concerns, and are at a great enough value that you can use it and abuse it. While they are not true primitive bows, the form and function is very similar.

These bows are 66 inches long and the weights are measured at a 28 inch draw, but they are safe for all draw lengths out to 31″. This model of bow comes with a 1 year warranty. These really are more of a one-size-fits-all type of a bow that have more than sufficient power to take down big game animals. They come with a dacron string and the classic Cherokee inspired diamond nocks (not approved for fast flight string materials). The handles are comfortably rounded with a leather wrapped design. These are made to embrace a more primitive style of shooting off-knuckle and can be shot either left or right handed.  If you have accuracy concerns about shooting off-knuckle, I highly recommend watching this video! CLICK HERE.  The goal of this bow is plain and simple: To offer a great primitively-themed bow at a significantly lower price with the trusted HuntPrimitive name and endorsement on it. This is a great gateway bow to get into primitive archery without taking the gamble on a cheaper wooden bow made by a novice builder. This bow will train you to comfortably shoot off knuckle (once you get used to it, you’ll never want to shoot any other way!). It will also give you very accurate draw length readings before entering in the world of masterfully crafted HuntPrimitive custom Osage bows. 

So, if you are looking for a more inexpensive or maintenance free option to get into primitive archery, the Glass Cherokee bow is 100% designed with you in mind! You can shoot any arrows off of these, however, you will absolutely want to shoot arrows with the leading end of the fletches wrapped with sinew to keep from cutting your hand with the quill of the feather. 

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