Gnarly Cherokee #387 63# @ 25″


63# @ 25″ (Not to be drawn further than 25″)

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This is a really hot hunting bow. It is a shoot off-the-knuckle Cherokee Inspired bow. 64″ long and 63# @ 25″ draw (not to be drawn further than 25″). This bow comes with a bark-colored dacron string and a brown leather wrapped handle. This piece is absolutely gorgeous with character and hits very hard. It is covered in wiggles and knots which add insane beauty but does not detract from the shootability or comfort of the bow.  It has multiple knot holes that have been filled with a turquoise and pyrite blend. This is truly a one of a kind hunting bow with the best warranty in the business, 5 years replacement/lifetime repairs. Bows like these don’t come along very often, so if you love it, scoop it up!