Hickory Cherokee Inspired #370 62# @ 28″


Hickory Cherokee Inspired #370  62# @ 28″ draw (Not to be drawn further than 28″)

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This Hickory Cherokee Inspired bow is a classic Eastern Woodland style of hunting bow. It is 64″ long and 62# @ 28″ draw (not to be drawn further than 28″). The string is a modern dacron material with a full primitive cordage twist and colored like a dark plant fiber string. This particular bow was built-for and tested in Ryan Gill’s upcoming book of Primitive Archery (coming Spring 2022). This bow was part of the major hickory bow experiment and data collection chapter. So this bow will have a little piece of recorded history and story to go along with it. There is a thin drying check in the upper limb tip as a result from the firing process. This is common and of absolutely no concern and of course is fully covered in our standard 5 year replacement/lifetime repairs warranty. This is a serious hunting bow capable of efficiently taking down any animal hunted in North America!

It has been hardened on the belly and sealed with a natural and primitive bow sealer.