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   The HuntPrimitive College of Primitive Building & Hunting

Learn from the top professionals in primitive building and hunting.

Not “Just another class”, The HuntPrimitive College is a true experience and destination focused on “Entertaining, Education and Inspiration!”

This step by step course teaches its students skills both how to build primitive hunting implements (bows, arrows, stone points, atlatls), and how to effectively use them to bring down big game animals. Each level is designed to introduce new skills, and hone old ones while the individual grows and develops their skills at home between classes. At the end of the course, you will have been provided all of the knowledge and equipment needed to become a true primitive hunter.

 Courses are currently held in Chico, Texas. More information regarding camping, lodging, food, etc can be found by clicking here

While technically these classes can be booked out of order, it is HIGHLY recommended that EVERYONE begins with HuntPrimitive 101 (no matter your skill level) and progressively works up through the levels. The courses are specifically built on a process of instruction and by skipping ahead, you will undoubtedly be behind everyone else in the class and will likely not get the most out of the course or individual class.  Each level covers very specific techniques in building that are essential to your ultimate success. Read through the course syllabus below and get ready to take primitive building and hunting to a whole new level.

The Levels:

HuntPrimitive 101:

 This is our highly informative introductory class to the world of HuntPrimitive. The class will begin with an introductory to primitive archery and the atlatl where students will get their hands on both of these weapon systems, receive 1 on 1 instruction throughout the weekend with Chief Course Instructor, Phillip “Lip” Liebel.  You will then be issued a Flint Knapping kit and rock to take home which is yours to keep and practice with , but first you will use your new knapping tools to learn the basics of flintknapping. This introductory class will cover many key pieces of what is required to build and efficiently hunt big game with primitive hunting implements by Instructors with real world experience in applying these skills, so even if you have experience in either archery, flint knapping or the atlatl, this class is still an essential part of the beginning of your education as you will undoubtedly learn things you’ve never heard anywhere else. By the end of this course, you will be primed and ready to practice all these new skills at home in preparation of doubling down on your building & Hunting skills in HuntPrimitive 202.

HuntPrimitive 202:

HuntPrimitive 202 is a much deeper dive into everything learned in the 101 course, but with more intensive instruction focused on Flint Knapping which is the hardest of the skills to master. We will introduce advanced knapping techniques and push you to start making hunt-worthy stone projectiles and other stone tools. With the knowledge you gained from the 101 class, you will easily be able to articulate your questions and know exactly what parts of the knapping process you need the most work on. 1 on 1 time with Phillip “Lip” will help you cut the curve on your knapping skills. This class will also utilize atlatls and primitive bows and arrows more recreationally while Chief instructor “Lip” helps work out many of the kinks in your shooting/throwing to help you become more accurate. The class will also include a copy of Ryan Gill’s Book “Getting it done Primitive Style” which teaches in depth strategies for primitive hunting. Instructor Lip will also be covering a lot of discussion in real world hunting techniques used by both his own and Ryan Gill’s extensive hunting successes. This class is essential for growing your skill base and honing your craft. You will officially be well on your way to becoming a HuntPrimitive Graduate with this knowledge base.

The Basics of Bow Building:

 This is one class that can actually be skipped right to if your ONLY interest is in learning how to build your own primitive bow.  Chief Instructor “Lip” Liebel will guide you through the basics of bow building. You will be issued a HuntPrimitive Chopping knife, a drawknife, and a copy of Ryan Gill’s “Primitive Bow Building” book.  all of which are yours to keep.  You will then be issued a bow stave to learn how to build your own Cherokee style (South Eastern woodland) style of bow.  Bow building is quite complex and labor intensive so we will be keeping it very simple in this class so you gain as much real knowledge as possible without being overwhelmed in fighting the clock to finish before the end of the weekend. At the end of this class you will have built your own bow which is of course yours to keep and we encourage you to use this bow to complete the full HuntPrimitive course to becoming a primitive builder and hunter.

Arrows and Atlatls:

 After learning to build your own bow, it is now time to learn to make your own arrows to go with it. You will hopefully have brought along stone points you have made since completing your HuntPrimitive 202 class.  You will learn how to straighten shafts, fletch, tune, and properly haft points to your arrows.  Also covered in this course will be building your own atlatl and 2 spear set, all of which are yours to keep and practice with at home.  Be sure to bring your knapping kit along as well for some after hours knapping in the evening to sneak in a little extra honing of skills on any trouble areas you are having. You will leave this class with the knowledge to continue to build your own supply of hunting arrows, which you are going to need for all the game you’re going to be ready to take!

The Master Class

The Master Class with HuntPrimitive’s owner and founder Ryan Gill.  This top level craft will put you on level with Master Builder and Hunter Ryan Gill as he goes over all the gear you have made and helps  to refine and streamline your work. With more materials on site, Ryan Gill will sit down in 1 on 1 sessions through out the class to address and refine all your hunting gear to make you the best builder and hunter you can be. This is truly the class of the elite. The ones that have completed the rest of this course and are now on a new level.  This class is a bit more relaxed in nature with real focus on interacting with others at your level and sharing knowledge. After this weekend retreat, you will officially graduate with the HuntPrimitive seal of approval and those that excel at the top of their class will have opportunities to work for HuntPrimitive LLC as a subcontractor in their field of expertise and also be eligible for an “invite only” hunting experience with the HuntPrimitive Team.  HuntPrimitive is dedicated to developing individuals into exceptional builders and hunters.


Classes are booked right here at website. Make sure your contact information (email and phone number) are correct so we can contact you in case of a change in plans. Booked classes are non-refundable, but may be rescheduled to a later date so long as the re-scheduling occurs 1 month before the class date so we have time to fill the opened class spot.




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1: HuntPrimitive 101, 2: HuntPrimitive 202, 3: Basics of Bow Building, 4: Arrows and Atlatls, 5: Master Class with Ryan Gill

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January 28th-30th 2022, November 19th-21st, 2021