Large Flint Spalls 15lbs


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15 pounds of Premium Georgetown Flint Spalls for making your own blades and spear points.  I consider this rock to be the best and most consistent in the country for knapping. It can be worked raw or heat treated, it produces a sharp edge, and knaps relatively easy compared to other flints/cherts. These Medium priority boxes are packaged and ready to ship with about 15 pounds of spalls. These spalls are left raw and work great as is but you can add a light cook as needed. As you can see from the sample picture, these boxes hold several large spalls and should keep you busy breaking rock for quite a while. Sizes of spalls vary and have a nice mix of approx 4-8″ pieces. Every spall put in these boxes is one I would use for myself.  This premium rock is priced at $5.00 per pound but comes in pre-graded, sorted, and packaged boxes ready to ship. The price includes flat rate shipping as shipping cannot be combined on these orders.


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