Lithic (Arrowhead) Casts




HuntPrimitive is ever expanding in education and inspiration. These highly detailed resin casts of the original points Ryan Gill has used to take animals, with all tell a story with their snaps, fractures, and dimensions. Each cast includes a color print with a detailed description of the point recovered, highlighting to the best of knowledge how each break occurred. This is a great tool for archaeologists and enthusiasts to compare known breaks with those found in artifacts. These casts can be purchased individually or as a complete set.

These are also available on a monthly basis by signing up for our “Cast of the Month Club” which features a new cast every month. There is a reoccurring charge placed on your card at the beginning of each month (cancel any time) and a new cast will be mailed to you. All proceeds from the Cast of the Month Club are donated to the HuntPrimitive experimental archaeology fund to help fund future experiments for both science and the public to benefit. Please consider signing up today! click Here

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Chalcedony Spine, Full Set, Bison Dalton, Elk Point, Flint Foreshaft Drill, Jasper Hamilton, Flint Ridge Spine Point, Multiple Impact fractured point, Raccoon Skull Point, Snakewood Deer Point, Snapped Base Coral Point, The Keokuk Boar Point