Premium Coral Spalls


Premium coral spalls

We primarily have high grade colorful and white coral in a 50/50 mix. Great pieces, many with visible polyps. 

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Our premium coral spalls may be just what you are looking for if you love both function and beauty.

The toughest part about agatized coral for new knappers is working around the abstract shapes, skinning off the cortex and creating ideal spalls before ever even really working a biface. Our premium coral spalls have been heat treated, graded by hand, and cleaned up with 90% of cortex or other problem areas removed. This option a more expensive option due to the extra amount of time it takes us to do all the clean up and cortex removal; however, you know you are getting top shelf spalls out of these boxes. We currently have about a 50/50 mix of really glassy white coral and really nice color with reds and yellow with little blue/green accents. Quite a bit has visible polyps. We focus on rock quality, sharpness, and flakeability rather than aesthetics alone. However, we currently have some absolutely gorgeous rock and try to make these premium spall boxes top notch in both aesthetics and workability.  Heat treated coral is extremely sharp and beautiful knap. People that grow a love for agatized coral totally understand what we are talking about.  Spalls are typically 3-7 inches long 

If you would like to purchase heat treated coral in the rough and do the clean-up knapping yourself, you can click this link to be taken to that page. For more experienced knappers or folks that want to save a lot of money and clean them up themselves, we recommend buying the heat-treated flakes and spalls linked above. 

Premium coral spalls
hand spalled or bifaced premium coral


Coral Arrowhead
A hunting point knapped from our glassy coral

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