Premium Kentucky Hornstone


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We have a great load of Premium Kentucky Hornstone (and also some from Indiana). Hornstone is an excellent flint-like rock with exceptional flaking characteristics. It does not need heat treatment and is ready to knap into beautiful and durable points. Hornstone was a favorite material used by indigenous people for over 13,000 years or more! Perfect for everything from Clovis spearpoints to Mississippian arrowheads. If you are not familiar with this rock, it is somewhat similar in consistency to our Georgetown chert, but a little more dense in composition. The colors vary a bit from creamy colors to almost black. Some have great bullseye patterning as well. Hornstone is typically found in and spalled from medium sized cobbles, so expect a little cortex on many of the spalls. This premium Kentucky hornstone is also similar with the Georgetown in that the cortex typically skins off very easy. 

Up close of Premium Kentucky Hornstone
Premium Kentucky Hornstone
Premium Kentucky Hornstone
Premium Kentucky Hornstone

Kentucky Hornstone is the furthest north of the Fort Payne chert formation. If you are familiar with Black Fort Payne chert, then this will be no stranger to you. It is without one of the very best raw knappable stones available in North America. I would typically classify it as consistent and easy to knap, however, it is likely best for intermediate level knappers due to the cortex or cobbled edges. We have a great video available on the HuntPrimitive YouTube channel teaching how to work with half round cobbles or squared off edges. Once you figure out the easy platforms to work through these spots, you will be in great shape for skinning off those edges in just a few hits! Give it a try on your next rock order and we expect you to love it just as much as we do. Hopefully we can keep this ethically sourced supply going for years to come, but you never know when land access or quality will dry up. So, as they say, get it while it’s hot!

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