Primitive Arrow & Flintknapping Course


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This 3 day class in Lake Butler, Florida on May 17, 18 &19th. will propel you years ahead in building and tuning primitive arrows. Instructor, Ryan Gill, has been using these same techniques to successfully and reliably take big game such as Deer, Elk, and Boar, across the United States, as well as build thousands and thousands of arrows for customers in the last decade. There is no other primitive arrow making/knapping class in the country that slingshots you into master arrowmaking like this one.

Join the HuntPrimitive Tribe and learn how to properly make and tune primitive hunting arrows for taking big game.

The course will include making 3 primitive arrows, 2 of which are tipped with stone hunting points (provided by HuntPrimitive) that are properly sharpened, sized, and transitioned into the arrow. It will also include a flintknapping tutorial to help advance your current flintknapping skills or get you started on your own flintknapping journey. When you leave, you will be taking with you not only the arrows you built, but also the knowledge to continue building them on your own.

By taking courses and learning how to become the best primitive builder and hunter you can be, you are entered into the HuntPrimitive Tribe, and those that work hard and excel in hunting and/or building may be considered for future rolls as either instructors for future HuntPrimitive courses, or to take part in future HuntPrimitive Video Productions. So join today to advance your building and hunting skills, and become part of the HuntPrimitive Tribe where we build PRIMITIVE HUNTERS!

Bring Your Bow! after all if you are going to be learning to build and tune arrows, you must have a bow to shoot them off of. I can certainly provide a loaner practice bow for the weekend if you don’t have one and still want to take the class, but your own bow is essential to learning how to properly match and tune arrows. (Shipping your bow to and from is a possibility if you are flying) Please note: This is a primitive arrowmaking class, so no compound or crossbows! While I highly recommend using a selfbow/primitive bow, laminated recurves and longbows are also acceptable.

Casual start on Friday, between 10am- 3pm. If you are driving or awaiting a flight and can’t be there right at 10am, no worries. We will start building when you show up and get settled in. We are going to pack you full of knowledge, but we are not slave drivers!

Free Camping is available on site & Hotels within 20 or so minutes drive. Things you will need: Your normal camping gear, drinks and food for the weekend (Alcohol is permitted), and any tools you may want to learn how to use better in your own builds. We provide all the materials and tools needed, but you are welcome to bring any of your own tools or completed hunting gear for critiques as well. Also, rather than get a printed certificate, we are giving out a free t-shirt to those that take our course so please include your shirt size as well!

On a last note, keep in mind that we are here to learn. Rest assured this is a drama free zone. While questions are very much welcome and encouraged, it is also important to note that overly combative or disruptive people will be asked to leave without refund as we wish to not take anything away from the students that attend that are here to learn and have fun! Refunds are also not available for this course once paid due to the short booking schedule.

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