Primitive Atlatl, Hunting & Knapping Class Dec 7-9


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“Recently I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with Ryan Gill, what an amazing experience to be able to learn so much from such an accomplished primitive hunter. We worked on field instruction of the complete atlatl throwing system and did some throwing. Then went back and refined our materials to make some really nice hunting weapons. We spent the next day flintknapping some scary sharp points together which gave me an unbelievable opportunity to refine my flintknapping skills which prior to meeting Ryan were mediocre at best. We then talked about bow and arrow building and fletching techniques. All while the conversation was infused with Primitive concepts that stirred much thought in my mind in regards to getting close to the game I will be hunting this fall.It’s hard to capture in words the amount of education that took place over our 2 1/2 days together but I truly left with a mindset towards primitive weapons and hunting and made a great friend along the way.” – Jason Smith

Want to learn primitive hunting techniques from a professional? You’re in luck! Ryan Gill’s course is a “Run-down” of primitive hunting techniques as well as an opportunity to build some of your very own gear, and receive in depth instruction in using it. The weekend course will cover building and using an Atlatl, as well as shooting and honing your bow hunting skills. We will be teaching things like…

  • Building an atlatl
  • effective yardage & shot placement
  • shooting (bows & arrows) and throwing (atlatl) accuracy for hunting
  • stalking game
  • ambushing game
  • practicality of the bow & atlatl for both survival and recreation
  • basics of flintknapping for making blades and projectiles
  • Tons of relative information through questions and answers
  • what it really takes to get it done!

Class is held in Central Florida December 7-9 2019.

Bows and arrows are available for use within the class but participants are encouraged to bring their own primitive bows and atlatls if they have them, and will also be working on building their own atlatl to take home.
Primitive camping is available on site. Bring everything you would need for a weekend of camping. food, sleeping gear, any tools you wish to incorporate. Yes, alcohol in moderation is allowed after weapons shooting time is over! This course is mostly for appropriate hunting ages. Young kids may take away from your ability to participate and learn. . Anyone attending the classes will need to register. Class runs from 11 am Friday to 12 pm Sunday    December 7th-9th 2018

Note: Cancellations are non-refundable after 10/1/2018


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