Primitive Atlatl, Hunting & Knapping Class


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 Next class will be scheduled for Fall 2019, stay tuned for when final dates will be set. 

Join the HuntPrimitive Tribe and learn how to properly make and tune primitive hunting Atlatls for taking big game. This course is 100% purpose driven to build Primitive Atlatl Hunters. You will advance incredibly fast on your atlatl journey by learning the proven methods and techniques of Ryan Gill who has taken Boar, sheep, alligator, and an American Bison with the stone age atlatl. Ryan also is a Professional consultant and builder of primitive atlatl and projectiles for Texas A&M University. This is the most complete building and using course offered anywhere in the world. 

Want to learn primitive hunting techniques from a professional? You’re in luck! Ryan Gill’s course is a “Run-down” of primitive hunting techniques as well as an opportunity to build some of your very own gear, and receive in depth instruction in using it. The weekend course will cover building and using an Atlatl. We will be teaching things like…

  • Building an atlatl
  • effective yardage & shot placement
  • throwing (atlatl) accuracy for hunting
  • stalking game
  • ambushing game
  • practicality of the bow & atlatl for both survival and recreation
  • basics of flintknapping for making blades and projectiles + advanced instruction
  • Tons of relative information through questions and answers
  • what it really takes to get it done!

When you come learn and become the best primitive builder and hunter you can be, you are entered into the HuntPrimitive Tribe, and those that work hard and excel in hunting and/or building may be considered for future rolls as either instructors for future HuntPrimitive courses, or to take part in future HuntPrimitive Video Productions. So join today to advance your building and hunting skills, and become part of the HuntPrimitive Tribe where we build PRIMITIVE HUNTERS!

This class also makes you eligible to return for a future phase-2 course where we will be assembling to hunt pigs over the course of a weekend. More information on this to come later! 

Primitive camping is available on site. Bring everything you would need for a weekend of camping. food, sleeping gear, any tools you wish to incorporate. Yes, alcohol in moderation is allowed after weapons shooting time is over! This course is mostly for appropriate hunting ages. Young kids may take away from your ability to participate and learn. . Anyone attending the classes will need to register. Class runs from 10 am Friday to 12 pm Sunday. Casual start on Friday,  between 10am- 3pm. If you are driving or awaiting a flight and can’t be there right at 10am, no worries. We will start building when you show up and get settled in. We are going to pack you full of knowledge, but we are not slave drivers!



you are welcome to bring any of your own tools or completed hunting gear for critiques as well. Also, rather than get a printed certificate, we are giving out a free t-shirt to those that take our course so please include your shirt size as well!

On a last note, keep in mind that we are here to learn. Rest assured this is a drama free zone. While questions are very much welcome and encouraged, it is also important to note that overly combative or disruptive people will be asked to leave without refund as we wish to not take anything away from the students that attend that are here to learn and have fun!

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