Primitive Model 40# @ 28″


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This Primitive model of bow is about 61 inches long and draws about 40# @ 28″ (not to be drawn passed 28″). This one has a dacron string, wrapped deer skin handle, teardrop shaped nocks, and a neat little wiggle in the bottom limb. It has a very slight drying check in the handle which is both very un-noticeable and insignificant to the reliability or life of the bow and is still covered by the 2 year replacement warranty and free repairs for life. It is a good little bow but is discounted because of the drying check and the lighter poundage that isn’t ideal for a big game hunting bow.  This one is perfect for someone who wants a lighter poundage bow to shoot targets, small game and possible hunt occasional big game with metal points. Overall it is a gorgeous little piece.