Pro Hunter Un-Fletched Spears


sold individually. Allow 1-2 weeks for build and delivery, but we typically try to keep these in stock for quick shipping.



The same hunting spears sold in my Pro Hunter Atlatl Set except these ones have no fletchings included. Fletched spears have more stability in flight but you can certainly take game without the fletching. I always recommend fletching for hunting except in certain situations. Many people purchase these as a “You- Finish” spears where they can add their own fletching and take part in the build. You can purchase individuals here. 8.5 – 9 feet long. These feature the same removable foreshafts to easily switch from practice to hunting points. A foreshaft tipped with a field point is included for practice.                  -Sold Individually-

Note: while the foreshaft sockets on these darts are drilled to the same diameter, there may be some final fitment of the foreshafts required. Never force a foreshaft in that is not properly fitted to touch bottom with just a little resistance. Forcing will cause the foreshaft to become stuck!

To order stone pointed foreshafts, go to the replacement foreshaft page.

While some folks like to order components and build other parts of the set themselves, I do recommend purchasing completed sets from me as the throwers and darts are properly balanced, foreshafts are properly fitted, and stone points are properly mounted with smooth transitions and very sharp edges.

Some assembly required! Due to the long length of these darts, they are shipped cut in half and dowel plugged for easy re-assembly. Simply line up the color lines across the cut, and use wood glue to glue the shafts back together (it’s really easy and self explanatory)  Glue not included.