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This is where “Primitive” meets “Traditional”. These bags are hand punched, hand stitched, adjustable strapped bags that have a modified Creek Walker 5 arrow quiver attached to the pocket. These just make sense. The arrows are held solid as to not rattle, and you are afforded a nice bag to carry all your possibles with- all in one neat package. I have killed many deer wearing a quiver-bag very similar to this. I figured it was about time that Gill’s Primitive Archery started producing its very own model. Just like everything else made by Gill’s Primitive Archery, you may customize each build. If you like them plain, excellent, if you want to add fringes, beads, bead strips, fur, tails, etc… just call and I will build you your perfect rig.  Colors and wood strips vary, but feel free to order your preferred color. (Pictured is an upgraded lacewood wood strip, custom order).  Hoods will match/contrast as close as possible but the leathers are of different sources and materials so colors will vary.

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Quiver Color

Black, Dark Brown

Hood Color

Black, Brown