River Cane Arrow shafts


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Due to high volume of orders, current wait time is right around 2-3 weeks. We are working hard to build and ship items as fast as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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River Cane is the best natural Arrow shaft material we have ever used and HuntPrimitive is very well known for their River cane arrows. Stronger than dowelled wood, very forgiving, and fast to rebound in paradox.  We are offering spine matched bare shafts in limited quantities.  Lengths are approximately 33 inches on a naturally tapered shaft. The skinny end is used as the nock end, and the Thick end is used for the plug end. There are some secrets to building cane arrows and I will link a video at the bottom of the page to answer all your building questions.  Each set is preliminary straightened and spine tested and often require further minimal straightening.

The additional service of fully processed shafts is also available. That service includes a final straightening, thinning of the nodes and cutting and sanding the selfnocks and fletching area. These Fully Processed shafts are ready to fletch upon arrival.

*Note: Self nocks MUST be reinforced at the bottom with sinew before shooting. Damage or injury is likely if nocks are not properly reinforced as shown in the video.

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