Small box of Flint Flakes


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This small flat rate priorty box of premium heat treated Georgetown Flint flakes is perfect for the beginner or someone that wants to tinker around with a smaller quantity of stone. These boxes are not so much sold by the piece count nor by the pound, but rather what I can fit into the small flat rate box. That is typically 2-3 pounds or 8-12 pieces depending on size of the flakes, Skill level is taken into consideration when choosing flakes for this box. I try to keep them relatively easy to work as opposed to big pieces. If you plan on getting into knapping I highly recommend investing in the 15lbs box of flakes, but this is a good place to get started if you just want to try breaking a little rock, or if you just want a sample of this awesome Georgetown. Price includes flat rate shipping as combined shipping is not available on these boxes.