The Horseman Arrows


Note: These 25 inch arrows are only built to fit the Horseman Bow model with a Maximum drawlength of 24 inches. please allow 2-4 weeks for build and delivery

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The Horseman Arrows are specifically built to match our Horseman Bows and also the Horseman Quiver sets. There a couple of options for these arrows so please read further to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for in this gorgeous functional set.

Note: These 25 inch hand painted arrows are only built to fit the Horseman Bow model with a Maximum drawlength of 24 inches. if you would like arrows to match the longer drawn versions of this bow, I recommend either the full length Master Hunter or Artfully Accurate river cane arrows.  (we unfortunately do not offer hardwood arrows above 25 inches)

Hardwood vs Rivercane shafts:

HuntPrimitive 25 inch Natural hardwood shafted arrows are made from naturally growing shoots, hand straightened and fletched with wild turkey feathers. Hardwood arrows are much closer to authentic and traditional for this style of bow, however hardwood arrows are often times more temperamental in flight and not as inherently accurate as rivercane shafts. Hardwoods typically, but not always,  requires a closer shot. Our hardwoods are only available in limited quantities as they are  much harder to source than rivercane, however they look fantastic and fit the overall look of this build, as well as make for very effective hunting arrows. We consider these to be specialty arrows. The hardwood arrows are shot without a point for practice, and then a small Edwards style point can be attached for hunting. To purchase stone points with your arrow order, please visit the Edwards Arrow point page by clicking here, and adding them to your cart.

HuntPrimitive 25 inch rivercane arrows are going to give more consistent arrow flight overall. They are weighted in the front to increase overall weight and are perfect for hunting arrows. They will be either tipped with  metal practice points or stone points per your request in the order. To order stone points on your arrows, do please visit the stone point page by clicking here, and adding them to your cart.

Note on Spine weights: Because these shafts are much shorter that increases the dynamic spine of the shaft. If you order these in a set with a Horseman model bow, I will build arrows to match regardless of spine selected, and then include the spine weight used, should you need to order more arrows in the future. If you are ordering these for a non-HuntPrimitive made bow, I cannot guarantee a perfect matching of spine to your bow. If that is the case, I recommend ordering one of each spine you think may work, and at checkout request we write the spine weight on the arrow. Often times on these shorter arrows you can choose a spine weigh 10# less than your bow weight. ei: 40-45# spine for a 53# bow.

Additional information

Arrow Shaft Material

Natural Hardwood 25" long, Rivercane 25" long


35-40#, 40-45#, 45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#, 65-70#, 70-75#


one (1), set of 12, set of 3, set of 6