The Horseman Quiver


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Hand made from tanned Bison Hide (split hide, suede-like texture) to custom fit your Horseman Model of bow and arrows, these made for both a beautiful display and functionally quiver. These quivers come with your option of plain and simple or Fully decorated pieces. They also come with the option of adding an attached Bison Skinner stone knife and sheath.  The plain versions are perfect for those with either a simpler taste, or someone wanting to adorn their own decorations, while the fully decorated pieces include bead strips on the straps, tufts of Bison hair, pony & sandcast beads on the fringe as seen in these pictures. (bow and arrows not included with quiver. to purchase bows click here, or arrows click here)

Additional information

Side worn

Left, Right (most common)

Quiver style

Fully Dressed with beads, Plain (No beads)

Knife & Sheath

Knife & Sheath added, No Knife or sheath