The Secrets & Science of the Atlatl – Pre-Order


Paperbacks Available for Pre-order

Ryan Gill’s new book is well underway and has a tentative send-to-print date of October 1st 2023.

The cover and page count are not yet revealed but if you love The Secrets & Science of Primitive Archery, then this one will be right up your alley as well.

We anticipate having copies on hand and ready to mail before Christmas time. Feel free to pre-order to ensure your copy arrives in the first ordering batch. (International orders not available for pre-order. Sorry for the inconvenience.)



The Secrets & Science of the Atlatl

  Paleo-Archaic projectile points

Paperbacks Available for Pre-order

Ryan Gill’s new book is officially off to the printers!

It is 236 pages of deep-diving atlatl construction and application. It focuses on North American Paleolithic- Archaic projectiles and hunting application. We take a deep look into the other tool artifacts found in each archaeological complex and connect the dots as to how these early projectiles were hafted and how foreshafts attached to spear shafts. Chapters feature enigmatic cultures such as, Migration origins, Clovis, Folsom, Dalton, Archaic notched & stemmed points. 

We explore and run to ground many ideas about these artifacts and debunk both new and old theories about their use in the ancient world. This is only possible through the data collected from our real-world, live animal hunts, stone-tool builds, and bison butchering projects. A book like this has never before been written. Below you will also find a picture of our Table of Contents.


(International orders can be inquired about by emailing . Also, an E-BOOK version is also on the way and will be available in a couple weeks)


The secrets and science of the Atlatl book cover

secrets and science atlatl table of contents