Trade (Spoon) Points


Allow 2-4 weeks for build and delivery.

Sharpen with a file

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Gill’s Primitive Archery is once again offering Steel, Trade-style hunting points.  I used to hunt with these a few years ago before I dedicated myself to hunting with stone points. I had stopped offering these points due to the amount of time invested in each one.  It has been brought to my attention that there is a lack of trade points available that are actually meant to hunt with. My trade points are not meant to be replicas, but rather an alternative for those archers not quite ready to advance to stone points, but want something more primitive than a glue on broadhead.  Unfortunately these are priced higher than commercial broadheads because they are hand made, one at a time, not punched out on an automated machine.  These are made from heavy gauge spoons, hammered flat, cut to shape and sharpened. These are absolutely deadly on deer and I have killed a handful of deer with these before switching to stone. These can be sharpened to shaving-sharp with nothing more than a file. They can be used over and over by heavily heating the glue and removing the point and mounting into a new arrow.  I don’t particularly enjoy working metal and don’t really like to make these, but I can’t turn my customers down on providing a good primitive-style metal hunting point, Yet I still urge you to learn to make your own if you have the ability. I recommend using 5 minute epoxy to glue these points in. These meet legal size requirements. Each one is at least 1 inch wide. Expect a little dimensional size variances in matched sets, but actual weights will be similar.

I encourage you to watch my video (Click Here)  and learn to make and mount your own points, but I know not everyone has the time or ability to make their own metal points, so for you folks, you may purchase these upon request.


Expect these to have a 5 grain variance in weight.

Just like my stone points, if you buy my points and my arrows, I will mount them for free.


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