Trade (Spoon) Points


$10 per each point (additional service fees for hafting)

typically kept in stock but may require a few days for build and shipping times.

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Sharpen with a file

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HuntPrimitive Trade Points are hammered and cut from spoons. These are an economical alternative to shooting stone points if you still want to shoot a primitively themed, hafted-style point. This are devastating on animals! These stainless points are best sharpened lightly with a file. If they buck a couple hairs off your arm, they are plenty sharp and will kill big game animals just a fast as any other point.  We currently have 2 options for size.They are typically  +/- 5 grains and come in either 140grain or 125 grain sizes.  They come with a base-sharpen and pretty sharp, however you will likely want to touch them up with a file before hunting.

Stainless doesn’t hone and hold an edge as well as high carbon steel. It cuts best with a burr edge created by light file work. Stones, wheels, and strops don’t typically give the best edge on these. Unlike knives, these only need to hold an edge as long as it takes to cut through the chest cavity. These are a much more economical alternative to HC steel points, and myself & associates have killed a lot of animals with them over the years. They are easy to shoot and re-sharpen

Note: Since we offer these as economically priced as possible, unlike the stone points which require a very critical haft, these do not include a free hafting service. You can order them to haft yourself or we can charge you for our hafting services.


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one (1), set of 12, set of 3, set of 6

Hafting services

No thanks, I will haft them myself, Yes, please haft them to the arrows ordered

grain weight (+/- 5 grains)

125 grains, 140 grains