Yew “Alpine” Model


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Allow 6-8 weeks for build and delivery. (Backing requires sufficient cure time)

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Brand new to Gill’s Primitive Archery is the Yew “Alpine” model.  Made from Pacific Yew, backed with pre-stretched deer rawhide, Veneered in Western Rattlesnakes, tipped with black horn overlays, and gripped with elegant beaver tail; these bows are the embodiment of grace and power. Turquoise accents and a fine finish round this bow off to be one of the fanciest models available. The bow featured in the video is an excellent representation of what to expect, but without a doubt, customizations are welcome (ie: different or no snake skins, tip overlay or grip material) The bow featured is my personal bow and first prototype of the model. It boasts a 64# @ 25 inch draw length and burns a 550grain hunting arrow at 178fps.   To make additional customization please call 352 345-4150.  These bows are part of my Lifetime Series Collection. See Warranty info here. 

Bow sizes per draw length:

25″ draw- approx. 58″ long

26″ draw- approx. 60″ long

27″ draw- approx. 62″ long

28″ draw- approx. 64″ long

29″ draw- approx. 66″ long

30″ draw- approx. 68″ long

Additional information

Draw Length (Extremely Important Info)

22 inch draw, 23 inch draw, 24 inch draw, 25 inch draw, 26 inch draw, 27 inch draw, 28 inch draw, 29 inch draw, 30 inch draw

Draw Weight (approx.)

40-45#, 45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#, 65-70#


Left handed, Right handed