Sell your product with us

While we much prefer to encourage full sponsorship with Primitive Revival Productions because of the added bonus of timeless advertising in conjunction with very inexpensive sales percentages.  Our full sponsors get taken care of very well. We do our best to push product and tend to go above and beyond our obligations. However, a full sponsorship is not always in the interest of someone who produces a quality product.

Gill’s Primitive Archery recognizes the value of having lots of product options in our demographic. The more you can offer consumers in one location, the more overall business you tend to draw, and it benefits all parties. If a video sponsorship does not appeal to you (but it really should), we may still want to carry your non-compete product on a drop-shipping basis. We sell, you ship. The current rates for drop-shipping product is 20% of the purchase price  (not including transaction fees from me to you).

The only stipulation: If you are a drop shipping with us and a full sponsor comes along in your same field, you stand to lose your opportunity to sell with us as full sponsors receive full product rights when they sign with us. In the meantime, you are very much welcome to sell with us and even grow into a sponsorship should your business goals change! If you think your product is a good fit for us, contact Ryan at or 352 428 4704 and let’s see what we can work out. One thing I know for sure is- Quality product sells itself. Often what people need is a way to get it in front of more consumers.