Send us your Turkey Feathers!

Hey folks, HuntPrimitive will purchase of give store credit towards your well treated feathers.

Unfortunately however, the value of feathers is typically quite low. The value of fletching is based far more on the service of cutting and grinding into useable fletchings.  Current prices we are paying are listed below. Most people are just happy to know their feathers are going to good use rather than the landfill. Below you will find a video on how to properly take care of your feathers because we unfortunately will count and grade each feather as they arrive here at the shop. We cannot give credit to destroyed or severely roughed up feathers.

It typically doesn’t make much sense to send only a few or a single bird’s worth of feathers. If you and your friends kill several birds each and you clip and save the feathers, you can get a little extra product or $$ in return for your time.

current purchase prices are:

50 cents per primary

(not currently accepting secondaries) per secondary

(not currently accepting more tail feathers) per tail feather

You can mail your feathers and contact information to

Ryan Gill

201 Highland St

Brooksville, FL 34601

and/or email me at