Signature “Twistedlimbs” Model

The Twistedlimbs is my Signature selfbow.
A Twistedlimbs selfbow is obviously named for its twisted, knotted and or curved limbs. When you receive your Twisted stick you should expect to see more Character than your typical bow. These bows will have at least 1 major characteristic to set them apart from the standard straight bows. They really stand out at tournaments and at the range...believe me, I know.  I  usually have everyone wanting the check out my twisted up tree limb and asking does it really shoot straight, to which I reply, "YOU BET IT DOES!"  These bows are typically made from Osage, but occasionally I will turn out a truly unique elm or hickory bow that certainly qualifies as a Twistedlimbs bow.  Don't be fooled by the character of dips, turns, twists and knots, these can still be quality hunting bows and shoot every bit as strong as my traditional Classic and Hunter style bows; These bows just look awesome doing it! The amount of character varies per what the tree will provide.

Due to the unique nature of these bows as well as people's desire to have one "that looks just like this one", I have found it to be relatively difficult to custom make these bows since everyone is unique. In stead of trying to force a difficult piece of wood into length, weight, and drawlength compliance, I've now decided it does the model a lot more justice to make the best bow possible from the piece of wood and simply offer it for sale. So unfortunately, these bows can no longer (typically) be ordered, unless you have the ability to shoot a wide variation of weight and length. Making a bow from these pieces of wood is already difficult, but to get the tiller perfect, then have to rework the entire bow to fall into the weight you need is a good way to turn a great bow into a mediocre, or even crappy bow. With that in mind, just keep an eye out for when I have one of these beauties in stock to see if it is one that fits you!

(note: due to large numbers of custom orders, these bows are not being produced in the numbers that they once were, so if you see one you like, you may want to jump on it. No telling when the next one will be produced)