Walk-A-Bout Model

Walk-A-Bout Model Bowsare back! Quite literally by popular consumer demand, I have brought back the walkabout model. There is a great consumer interest in a bow that is more “primitive” in nature. While my absolute passion is in my custom made bows, not everyone has the budget or taste for a super refined bow. The walkabout model is that cost effective, primitive looking, solution to a primitive bow. While these bows are made with plenty of power to hunt with (unless otherwise noted) and take big game, they are simply lacking the time consuming reflexings, backings, and finishes. These bow quite literally put the primitive back in primitive bows.  They may not be as refined, smooth drawing, or as fast as a sweet custom, but they will kill deer just as dead at the end of the day. The prices vary per bow. The catch is, These bows cannot be ordered. The deal is, to keep the prices down and not interfere with my custom orders, I will build these in speculation when I have time. All walkabout bows available will be shown and linked on this page below!  So in short, this is the place to find cheaper, but still excellent hunting bows. No extra frills, just quality tillered hunting bows at a very discounted price. They are posted and then sold first come first serve at this time. If you see one that fits your needs, snatch it up because no telling when the next perfect one for you will roll off the block.  To see any Walkabouts in stock, please check out the “Bows in Stock” page.

(These are all made from seasoned staves of wood, not cut and milled lumber)

Example pics below