Bison Skinner Stone Knives


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These Bison Skinner stone knives are designed much like the knives of Paleo, Transitional Paleo, and Archaic people. They are 2 sided blades hafted with real pitch and sinew into a natural hardwood handle. The Hardwood handles have my signature starburst pattern carved into the butt.  They are hafted with real pitch glue and sinew for a robust yet authentic working knife.  The HuntPrimitive Tribe used knives just like these to fully break down a bison. Skin, Debone meat, and disarticulate joints.  You can find that video at the bottom of this page. We have put the real field time in to ensure these Bison Skinner stone knives are capable of serious work, yet made with only traditional materials found in nature. These knives utilize our updated Paleo Knife Blades. These are also very closely related to our Deer Skinner Stone knives made with similar blade styles and walnut handles. No matter which style of knife you go with, you are in great hands for a truly functional stone knife.

Bison Skinner knives Bison Skinner stone knives

Colorful Agatized Coral option shown below. Agatized coral is 1.5 million year old fossilized coral from when Florida was covered by ocean. The Coral we use in this Artisanal Version of the Bison Skinner is both a great working and great looking option. Most of our coral knives have any varieties in color ranging from orange, red, blue, white, and multiple combinations of each. Each one is certainly different, but an example is shown below.

Agatized coral stone knife blades
Sample Photos of Agatized coral Bison Skinner blades. Each blade is without a doubt unique in colors and patterns. They are a beautiful and function knife blade option.
White Agatized coral bison skinner
White Agatized Coral Bison Skinner stone knife
Red/Black Mahogany Obsidian Stone Knife
Red/Black Mahogany Obsidian Bison Skinner Stone Knife
Grey/brown Chert Bison Skinner Stone Knife
Classic Grey/brown Chert Bison Skinner Stone Knife
Black Obsidian Bison Skinner Stone Knife
Black Obsidian Bison Skinner Stone Knife
Optional Sheath for the Bison Skinner KNives
Optional Sheath for the Bison Skinner Knives





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Black obsidian, Colorful Agatized Coral, Grey/Brown Flint, Red and Black Obsidian, White Agatized Coral

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