Starter Atlatl set


Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for build times



Looking for an atlatl to get started with? Professional Atlatl Hunter Ryan Gill, makes the beginner atlatl set as a perfect learning tool for those interested in the challenge of the atlatl. The set includes a hardwood thrower and two   6 ‘ long Rivercane darts (spears) affixed with metal practice points. The practice points can be heated and removed later to install glue-on metal hunting points if desired. These are perfect for learning the mechanics of the atlatl, hunting small game, but a bare minimum for hunting deer sized game (with a metal broadhead). For big game hunting, I highly recommend the HuntPrimitive Hunter Atlatl with removable foreshafts. All my atlatls are made from natural materials, not milled lumber or dowelled shafts which plays heavy into the proper context of a primitive hunting weapon. This also helps with longevity of the spear shaft being absent of the grain run out of dowelled shafts.

The beginner atlatl set (shorter and lighter than the Hunter atlatl) are meant to teach control through the throw by utilizing a a softer more controlled release rather than a power throw for hunting.

If you are looking for a very serious professional stone tipped set, check out the Hunting Atlatl

Additional darts can be purchased here – >   Atlatl Darts

here is a simple video on how to get started

How to throw the atlatl – YouTube