Starter Atlatl set


Depending on availability, please allow 1-3 weeks for build and delivery (I try to stock and ship these asap)


Looking for an atlatl to get started with? Professional Atlatl Hunter Ryan Gill, makes these sets as a perfect learning tool for those interested in the challenge of the atlatl. The set includes a hardwood thrower and two   6-6.5 feet long Rivercane darts (spears) affixed with metal practice points. The practice points can be heated and removed later to install glue-on metal hunting points if desired. These are perfect for target, small game, and hunting big game (with metal broadheads). If you are looking for a very serious professional stone tipped set, check out the Archaic Atlatl Hunter Set. 

Additional darts can be purchased here – >   Atlatl Darts


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