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The New High Plains Model of bow from HuntPrimive is a mid-length osage bow, rawhide backed, and what we believe to be the absolute best blend in speed, lifelong durability, and sweet shooting experience. This is a very “Ryan Gill” specific model and doesn’t leave much to be customized. It comes in both a more “Primitive” version like Ryan hunts with, and also a very elegant and fancy version. Both have your choice of ArrowHead Inlay material which signifies these are part of the Lifetime Bow Series with the best warranty and track record in the business.

The Primitive High Plains features the classic HuntPrimitive Gullwing shape, backed with rawhide, veneered with Western Diamondback Snake skins, red painted tips, white edged dot work, a genuine Braintan wrapped grip with no arrow shelf. The string is a Sinew colored Dacron bow string, primitive twisted, tied and wrapped along the bottom tip. (No fur silencer needed) This version makes for a very primitive, yet very beautiful and long lasting efficient bow.

The Elegant High Plains model also features the classic HuntPrimitive Gullwing shape, backed with rawhide, veneered with Western Diamondback Snake skins, red painted tips and white edge dot work. The tips are overlaid with Black Bison horn, and the grip has a slight arrowshelf and wrapped in beautiful Black Beavertail leather. The String is also fit with beaver fur silencers to dampen the string twang of the flemish style string.                   (Bow lengths listed at bottom of page)

The Primitive High Plains show below  (Pictures of the Elegant and coming soon!)

Pictured Below is Ryan putting his High Plains model to good solid field “research and development”!

Below shows the classic gullwing shape. This is Ryan’s personal bow and you can see that after a little use and age, the wood is already turning the beautiful golden orange that we adore about Osage. The Braintan handle begins to show coloring from the oils in the hand and bit of blood from the hunt.

Pictured below is how the String is tied and wrapped on the Bottom limb of the Primitive High Plains version. You can eliminate this later if you don’t like it, but we think it’s a great touch to primitively inspired bow. This also prevents the string from annoyingly falling off the bottom limb when unstrung.

You can see that The High Plains pairs perfectly with our Bobcat Quiver and Artfully Accurate Painted arrows.

Unlike the more modern models with a shelf and strike plate, the Primitive High Plains is shot off knuckle and the arrow is kept silent during the draw by using the upper part of the grip as the strike plate.  So take note upon receiving yours that the bow is tillered and designed to shoot off the braintan wrapped grip.

Bow lengths are as follows:

25″ draw – 56-58″ long

26″ draw – 58-60″ long

27″ draw – 60-62″ long

28″ draw – 62-64″ long

29″ draw – 64-66″ long

30″ draw – 66-68″ long


Additional information

Draw Length (Extremely Important Info)

22 inch draw, 23 inch draw, 24 inch draw, 25 inch draw, 26 inch draw, 27 inch draw, 28 inch draw, 29 inch draw, 30 inch draw

Draw Weight (approx.)

40-45#, 45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#, 65-70#


Left handed, Right handed

Makers Mark Arrowhead Inlay

Bison Horn Black, None, Turquoise

Bow Model

Elegant High Plains, Primitive High Plains