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These Paleo Knife blades were the multi-tool of the Ice-Age. Back when woolly mammoths walked the Earth, points like these served as both projectiles and knife blades. Similar to the Clovis that most people are familiar with, these are similar, thinner, un-fluted versions. Many Clovis were a little chunky and required the “Flute” where these later style Paleo points had a thin enough cross section that the fluting technique was abandoned.  There are many names from this style depending on where you are located. The Simpson, Beaver Lake or Quad, to name a few. These make excellent hafted knife blades or atlatl projectiles. Approximately 4″ long  +/- .  These Paleo Knife Blades are the exact same blades I use in our very popular Bison Skinner knives. If you like to build some of your own gear and want to put together your own knife from a proven quality blade type, then these are definitely for you. We have all our typical rock options available for this style of blade. 


From left to right.  White Agatized coral, Black Obsidian, Red/Black Obsidian, Grey/Brown Chert, and the last 2 are both examples of different versions of colorful agatized coral.

Colors will vary as each rock is different however they will all be themed similarly. The agatized coral has the most chance of radical change. Some of the Coral blades are white with blues and oranges, while others can be peach with green specs or streaks, or mostly red and orange with beautiful polyp patterns.  Colorful coral blades are randomly selected however if you prefer a specific theme you can drop a note at checkout, however there is no guarantee we will have the exact color scheme you are looking for since they are vastly different and can drastically change even during the knapping process as we break through different color layers. Either way, If you choose to go with our popular colorful coral, you’ll definitely be getting a unique and beautiful blade. 

selection of paleo knife blades

chert paleo knife blades

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Black obsidian, Colorful Agatized Coral, Grey/Brown Flint, Red and Black Obsidian, White Agatized Coral