Paleo Points/Blades


Price per each

Please allow 2-4 weeks for build and delivery

Colors may vary from cream, brown, and dark grey



These Paleo style blades/points were the multi-tool of the Ice-Age. Back when woolly mammoths walked the Earth, points like these served as both projectiles and knife blades. Similar to the Clovis that most people are familiar with, these are similar, thinner, un-fluted versions. Many Clovis were a little chunky and required the “Flute” where these later style Paleo points had a thin enough cross section that the fluting technique was abandoned.  There are many names from this style depending on where you are located. The Simpson, Beaver Lake or Quad, to name a few. These make excellent hafted knife blades or atlatl projectiles. Approximately 4″ long  +/-