Disclaimer, Warranty, Refund.

             WARNING: It is your responsibility to read all instruction,  warranty and disclaimer  sheets before  stringing or shooting your bow. Failure to do so may result in injury or property damage and will void warranty.
HuntPrimitive/Ryan Gill custom primitive bows have the BEST, and phenomenal record in longevity of only 4 bows needing replaced in the lifetime of the business (several years ago) and no cases of replacement warranty, and only a few minor cases of repairs in the last 5 years. While we expect no issues from any of our products, anomalies can happen and we wish to support our loyal customers and products to the same strict dedication we have shown to the building of the best bows in the world. The policies below are set in place to benefit the customer as much as possible while still protecting our business from malice and theft. It is our greatest hope that you will not only receive the best bow in the world, but also experience the best customer service in the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns, but you must make yourself aware of the information presented below and how it effects your safety and your bow’s safety & warranty.               Enjoy your new bow of a lifetime – Ryan D Gill
Refund policy:  Read down for more refund information regarding warranty, return, and exchange.  This refund policy is in place to respect the time of the customer, the builder, and the other customers patiently awaiting their custom made pieces.
Refunds are a last resort option. We wish for everyone to have the bow of their dreams and we will work exceptionally hard to facilitate that. It is possible to get a refund within the first week, however all bows are returned at your own shipping cost and bows must be insured for the full sale price to avoid loss or damage in transit, and refunds will not include original shipping, packing and handling costs. NOTE: Custom bows can be extremely difficult to resell due to specific draw length, weights, (especially left handed bows), and style.  Returns for refunds on custom made bows will result in the forfeit of the $400 custom built bow fee. If you wish to avoid losing your $400 customization fee, I recommend exchanging for a new bow rather than requesting a refund. Absolutely no refunds after 1 week from delivery date as shown on the shipping tracking number . Returning a custom bow for store credit (towards arrows, quiver, etc..) is possible, but it will result in the loss of the $400 custom bow customization fee. If there is a non-warranty issue with the bow that needs addressed, please contact us before making any decisions in regards to price, returns or refunds.
About wooden bows:
Wooden selfbows do not take the abuse that laminated fiberglass bows will. Proper care should be taken to avoid bow abuse resulting in breakage.
Wood has imperfections. Knots, twisted and inconsistencies are common in wooden bows, however wooden bows can still be very reliable and safe if treated with care.
1: Moisture content plays a crucial role in the stability or your bow. Too much moisture may result is a slower bow, but typically won’t result in a broken bow. But for optimum performance, your bow should not be stored in a damp place. If hunting in the rain, the bow should be dried with a towel once inside and given sufficient time to dry at room temperature.  Too little moisture can make a bow explode with catastrophic results. Bows should never be stored in hot dry places and should NEVER be stored by a heat source such as a furnace, hot water heater or wood burning stove.  Avoid non climate controlled environments such as Sheds, Storage units, Hot cars, and un-necessary exposure to the sun, such as in the back of a truck or direct sunlight through a window.   Your bow is sealed with a commercial sealer to help keep the correct amount of moisture inside, but it is your responsibility to take measures to avoid direct heat or drying abuse.
2: Bracing or stringing your bow: Care should be taken while bracing your bow.  Examine the tips for damage and inspect the limbs for any cracks. Listen while stringing your bow, take note if you hear any “tick” or “crack” noises. Carefully inspect the bow and if any cracks or  if any splinters on the back are lifted, unstring the bow very carefully and contact me. Do not shoot the bow.  NOTE: bows that have sinew wrappings may give a slight tick every now and then and the glue between sinew strands flex. This is normal and of no concern. However inspect for cracks anyway  to be extra sure.  Avoid hard surfaces with the tips while bracing your bow if using the “step through” bracing method.Bracing you bow part 2: The bow should only be bent the minimal amount required to string the bow. Always keep the bow string taught while sliding it up the limb to the string grooves. Stringing the bow with a slack bow string may result in excess bending in one limb and may break the bow voiding your warranty.
Methods for bracing your bow:
1: Step through method. This method is the safest method for your bow and I recommend it. Take measures to protect your  hands and face. You assume all safety responsibly when bracing you bow.
2: Push pull method. This methods works very well and is safe for the bow, however extreme care should be taken by the operator as this method can be dangerous to your face and eyes should the bow slip from your grip. I do not recommend this method for safety reasons. You assume all safety responsibility should you choose this method.
3: Commercial Bow stringers. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this method unless you know exactly what you are doing. It is far to easy to overdraw the lower limb and  breaking the bow using a bow stringer. If properly used, bow stringers are great and safe. If improperly used, the bow may  break.  Using a bow stringer will void your warranty should the bow break.  Use of a bow stringer may cause your bow limbs to crack. I do not recommend using one.
3: Drawing your bow:  Do Not DRY FIRE your bow.  Dry fire is drawing the bow and releasing it without an arrow. This is dangerous to the operator and the bow and will void warranty.
You bow has a listed draw length. This is the MAXIMUM draw length of this bow. Measured at full draw from the string to the furthest most point of the back of the bow. Not the belly of the bow. It is YOUR responsibility to know your draw length and to make sure the bow NEVER gets drawn past the listed draw length. It is advised that you don’t let anyone else shoot or draw your bow unless you are confident that they will not overdraw your bow. If someone else overdraws your bow and breaks it, You are responsible for it and the warranty is voided. A good way to avoid this is never hand you bow to another person while it is braced. Always unstring it first.
4: Unstringing you bow. You should always unstring your bow after you are done shooting. A selfbow should never be left strung longer than necessary. Hunting all day is fine. At lunch time it’s a good idea to unstring your bow and always unstring it after your hunt and a night. The performance of your bow will significantly decrease if it is left braced for extended periods of time.
Warranty coverage:
What is covered: Bow cracks, splinters, tiller changes and failures that  occur during PROPER — USE ONLY.
What is not covered: broken bows due to operator error.  For more  explanation of how this is determined, read How wood behaves and how this effects my warranty.
How wood behaves and how this effects my warranty:
As a bowyer and archer, I know what to expect out of a bow and also can easily determine the cause of a break.
98% Bows don’t catastrophically break without cause. Once a bow is tillered correctly and sold, it is extremely unlikely that it will break unless abused. Typically bows do not have a time limit until they break. I have Never had a bow spontaneously break while shooting it.  What causes a bow to break? 98% of the time, Operator error is to blame. Moisture content due to neglect, over drawing the bow and improper stringing/bracing the bow.
I am confident in my product to know it does not just break without cause.
What is the other 2% and is it covered?  If a bow breaks due to a hidden imperfection such as an internal rotten section, the bow is covered in warranty. I must see, in person, a visible defect in the wood or construction  before I will cover a broken bow so return shipping is necessary
I WILL COVER ANY defect in the bow without hesitation.
What do I do if my bow is broken, cracked or damaged?  Stop shooting it immediately and contact me.  Package the bow and return it at your cost for examination, repair and\or replacement. Valid warranty covers all repair, replacements and return shipping (from me to you)costs.
Will I get my bow back? Or will I receive a new bow?
My warranty covers the bow for it‘s COMPLETE SHOOTING LIFE. When buying and shooting a selfbow, you have to accept that the bow may ,but not always, develop a crack over time or lift a splinter. It is common with wood that flexes over and over. A crack or splinter is not necessarily cause for concern. Often times cracks or splinters can be fixed by filling the imperfection and wrapping the effected area with sinew. If repairable, I will fix it, test it numerous times and return it to you fully repaired at no cost to you. This may mean that your bow may have a sinew wrap or backing when you get it back but your warranty will still be in place.  Often times the repaired area will be stronger than the bow itself and should be perfectly safe and reliable. Should the bow break at the repaired location, I will replace the bow free of charge. A bow will only be replaced when it is deemed un-shootable or unsafe.
If your bow develops a repairable crack while under warranty and you don’t want your repaired bow back, you may trade that bow for a new bow at half price.  Other options may be discussed for personal situations.
Can I get a refund?  You may get a refund, minus shipping cost within the first week if you do not like your bow or it doesn’t fit you. Once a bow is damaged or broken it Cannot be returned for a refund. At that point the bow is subject to repair or replacement only. Note: If the returned bow was a current in-stock bow, it is subject to full refund minus shipping. If your bow is a custom ordered bow, it is subject to refund minus shipping AND minus the $400 custom deposit on a custom bow. Note: Very customized bows with specific drawlength, styles, and left handed bows can be extremely difficult to resell. If you do not wish to lose your $400 deposit, I recommend exchanging it for another bow rather than returning it.

Replacement bows: If you require a replacement bow due to failure, the new bow will be built to the same order specifications as the original. This eliminates the possibility of someone intentionally breaking a bow in order to get a new free bow of a different style or weight range. 

How long is my warranty?

The active replacement warranty on a Lifetime Series bow (Bows listed as Lifetime series made after serial number 250 but before serial number 375) is 2 years from the sale date, and free repairs for life (shipping payable  by customer only after the 2 year active warranty).
The active replacement warranty on a Lifetime Series bow (Bows listed made by Huntprimitive/ Ryan Gill, made after serial number 375,  is 5 years from the sale date, and free repairs for life (shipping payable  by customer only after the 5 year active warranty).

For other, non-lifetime series bows(built before serial number 250), the warranty is 30 days for full replacement, and free lifetime repair (if the bow is repairable) with shipping costs paid by the customer.
However I stand by my product 100% and help my loyal customers. I will go above and beyond to help you even if you bow is “out of warranty”.  Often times I will replace or repair you bow even years down the line for minimal or partial costs. If you call me and are polite and respectful even after several years, I will go well out of my way to make you happy at little cost. If you call me yelling, demanding and complaining after your warranty is up, I may refuse to help you. As the old saying goes, “You get more flies with honey than vinegar.”   I never expect any problem with any of my product, but accidents happen. It’s a part of life. If you should EVER have a problem with any of my products, contact me respectfully and I will make it right, the best that I can.  I want everyone that shoots my bows to have them for years and have a great experience with HuntPrimitive/Gill’s Primitive Archery.  I am very flexible and I want everyone to be happy with their bow, so I strive to have the best customer service possible.
Disclaimer:  You are required to read before bracing or shooting your bow and\or arrows