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       HuntPrimitive offers a few different styles of arrows. All are made from Native Rivercane. Rivercane is, in my opinion, the best natural arrow material on this planet.  It is extremely strong and rebounds much faster than wood. There is something very special about watching a cane arrow zip through the air with speed!  They are natural shafts so expect some color variation and a little diameter variation as well as some very minor wiggles, but rest assure, they are good, hard hitting, straight flying arrows. They have killed everything from rabbits on up to Bison. They are truly hard to beat and last much longer than brittle, cedar arrows.

I spine each set in 5# increments just like any traditional arrow. The weights are generally pretty close but expect a little variance in weight. The average hunting arrows are roughly 500gr +/- up to 50gr  If you have any questions or concerns about arrow weight, feel free to email and ask

I like to keep the standard length of arrows around 30" long. This keeps the weights up to satisfactory hunting weighted arrows and also helps in stability during flight.

I plug the ends of my hunting arrows with glue and smaller sections of cane. This typically adds roughly 25 grains of weight to the front of the arrow and make the point end much stronger to attach both field points and stone points to.  I am pretty arrow savvy and can usually work around any issues you have.

I want all my customers to shoot well and be very successful with all of my gear, arrows included. If you have any questions regarding arrows, just ask. My goal is to make sure my customers are confident in their arrows when they draw the string on a wary whitetail deer.