Atlatl Tutorials

These Atlatl Tutorials are both for the construction and the use of the atlatl and atlatl components. There is so much good information hidden within these videos, if you are into the atlatl, I highly recommend watching all of these as time allows.

The Early basics of throwing the atlatl click here 

Advanced tutorial on Throwing the atlatl for big game hunting click here

An atlatl penetration test (one of a few) click here

Another penetration test click here

Building atlatl Spears (darts) click here

Dropping a lot of atlatl knowledge.. great learning video for the advanced atlatl click here

Talk on foreshafts and bolens. click here

The flint drill for drilling foreshafts click here

Hunting the Ancient Bison (Lots of atlatl information in this documentary) click here

Newnan (Another big documentary that is important to the context of the atlatl) click here 

Atlatl vs Bow & Arrow for survival situations click here

Splicing Hardwood atlatl spear shafts click here

Straightening hardwood spear shafts click here

How to fletch an atlatl click here