Payment and Turnaround time policy

Due to the amount of orders being placed, a policy has been put in place regarding payments vs turnaround time.  I now have 2 separate order lists: The Paid in full list,  and the Deposit list.  In the past all I have required was a deposit on orders and the rest due upon completion.  Due to growth and demand for orders, I have separated orders and also amended the deposit and payment policy.
Customers that pay in full upon placing orders will be placed on a high priority list. Orders on this list will be completed in shipped in the order they were received, but will jump ahead of those orders that are established by only a deposit or payment plan.   The unfortunate and obvious reason for this change is due to customers placing deposits and then not following through with their payments. Time is spend fulfilling these orders that go unpaid, while customers that pay in full are forced to wait longer periods of time before receiving their order.  If you are in a rush for your order and looking forward to getting it asap, Please pay in full to avoid any delays.
Making deposits and adopting a payment plan is perfectly acceptable as well. I understand that some folks like to make periodic payments on orders so it isn’t as painful in the wallet. If you’d like to do this, just understand that your order will be completed in the order it was received along with the other deposit/payment customers. However, realize that you may be jumped by orders that are paid in full, which will cause further delays in your order being fulfilled. HOWEVER, once your order is paid in full, if not already complete, it will then be placed on the paid in full list.     Minimum deposit amount is $200 (non refundable)
IMPORTANT TIME LIMITS ON PAYMENT ORDERS–  I understand that “things come up” that can cause us to fall behind on payments. I am not the kind of person that will call and hound a customer for money.  Please read this part carefully so no mistakes are made!  As I am understanding of life events that make us short on cash, keep in mind that while I am sympathetic to this, I also am trying to provide for my family and can’t sit on finished product for extended periods of time. Again, I will not call and hound a customer for money, so please make sure you are ahead on your payment plan to avoid losing your deposit or order.I reserve the right to suspend progress on any order until it is paid by at least half.  Below is my strict policy on payment time frames.
When making a deposit, HALF of the final order cost IS DUE by the 6 MONTH date from when the ORDER WAS PLACED.
Failing to pay half by the halfway date will result in loss of deposit AND all monies paid up until this point. There will be NO REFUNDS of payments made.
PAYMENT IN FULL IS DUE BY THE 1 YEAR MARK FROM THE DAY YOU PLACED THE ORDER, unless previously arranged for an extended plan, but a 1 year payment plan is more than generous to require payment in full.
Failing to pay in full by the one year date of order will result in completed, unpaid orders being made for sale to the public and all deposit and previous monies paid will be forfeited by the customer. NO REFUNDS ON MONIES PAID IN.    If the customer contacts me to discuss financial troubles and needs more time, I may be willing extend my policy for them, however, if no contact is made by the customer, I will automatically place your order in default.  Should you decide you still want your (unchanged) order even after the 1 year mark, You may still pay in full and collect your order PROVIDING it has not been resold!   In the event that it has been sold and you still want your order, I will remake the order but only if the rest of the  outstanding balance is paid in full + $100 penalty fee before the order is restarted. There is a time limit on this as well. This window of re-ordering will be open for 3 months past the 1 year mark. After that time has elapsed, unless previously discussed, the buyer will no longer have any store credit available. Please do not call me 2 years later and expect me to honor payments made on an order made years ago when wanting to place a new order.
PLEASE UNDERSTAND that I want people to get their completed orders, I do not wish to make money on defaulted plans, so of course I want you to contact me and make sure you work out payments vs delivery of orders.  This policy is in place to take care of the paid in full customers and to encourage people to complete their payments and receive their orders, rather than wondering if they still have an order on file and of they might be able to get money back, or still be able to receive their order. Do not hesitate to contact me if a problem arises, but do not expect me to return any paid-in monies on defaulted verbal or written contracts of sale.