Hunter/Gatherer Stone Knife


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The new Hunter/Gatherer stone knife is a real working knife, knapped from a robust chert/flint rock, hafted with real pine pitch and sinew into an osage orange (Maclura Pomifera) wood handle.  These knives are the best of the best in regards to both aesthetics and functionality.

We call this the Hunter/Gatherer because the sharpened curved side of the blade is perfect for hunting chores, skinning, gutting, and boning meat. The straight edge is also sharpened and is perfect for your Gathering needs, be it collecting wild edibles, sawing cane or hardwood arrow shafts wild roaming the wild, or any other light duty tool work.

The osage orange handle is almost completely rot proof because of the natural resins in the wood. Osage wood also darkens with age and will be bright yellow when fresh, but over time will naturally darken to a golden orange color.

These may be purchased with or without a sheath. The sheath historically would have been made from a heavy rawhide from a large animal. These sheaths are similar in density but made from a modern veg-tan leather so they are not susceptible to the problems of getting wet like rawhide. The sheaths are still more primitive themed and come with a short piece of twisted cord which can be tied in a loop for a belt/sache, or can be tied to a plains style quiver or bag.

Additional notes: These knives are well suited to real work, but do need to be used with care and not used to chop or pry. Also keep in mind that if you do wear it on your hip, if you are wearing it while sitting in a vehicle, the blade will almost certainly snap if you sit on it. Always stow your knife when not in the field.  The edges will last for quite a while if you use the curved edge on flesh and the straight edge on wood or light bone. Resharpening these knives requires a new edge to be flaked off with an antler or copper flaker.  Stone and sheath colors vary between natural brown and grey colors



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