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Each year we get a lot of questions about what we recommend for Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas Gifts, or just what is most popular at the moment.  The items and links below are the most popular and frequently ordered items, especially for gifts. Hopefully this makes your shopping much easier!

FlintKnapping Kits and rock are very popular items for both youth and adults wanting to learn to make their own arrowheads. We also have several free instructional videos on the HuntPrimitive YouTube channel to help with techniques! Normally we sell the tools and rock separately to allow customer to choose exactly what they want, however we have put together some Tool and Rock kits all in one so it takes the guess work out of what to order!
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Ryan Gill's brand new book The Secrets & Science of Primitive Archery is now officially available. It is a MUST HAVE for any serious or aspiring primitive archer/hunter. It is 423 pages of the most in depth contextual building and hunting information available anywhere.
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Stone Knives have historically been the MOST popular gift item. We have a lot of different styles you can browse through on the stone knife menu pages, but we will link a few of the most popular ones below
Antler Pedicle knives
Bison Skinner Knives
 Walnut Deer Skinner Knives
Hunter Gatherer Knives
Starter / Beginner Atlatl sets are a lot of fun. Learn to throw fletched spears just like early man hunted megafauna with. These starter sets are a bit shorter than the large hunting spears and perfect for learning the mechanics, target throwing and hunting small game. 
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osage shirt 1
Painted Hunting shirts are our most popular shirts. Each one is hand dyed and painted. We have different colors, long sleeve and short sleeve. This options will be linked below.
Long Sleeve Osage Shirt
Short Sleeve Painted Shirt
Original Long Sleeve Shirt
We have a lot of popular T-shirt designs, but we will link a few of our top favorites below. If you would like to browse through all of them you can check them out on the HuntPrimitive shirts tab on the main menu.
HuntPrimitive Bison Tee
HuntPrimitive Classic Atlatl Tee
Caveman Tee
We have a nice Book collection as well. You can browse them individually by the main menu, or get all 3 in a set by
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My new video project6
Build-Your- Own-Quiver Kits are a great way to both get a fun project and a nice arrow quiver at the end!    
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Moccasins are very popular gifts. We do not make or stock these here at HuntPrimitive but we are an affiliate to MoccasinsCanada and we highly recommend their moccasins. To be taken to that page click the link below. On the next page you can click a link to their site to order the size and style of your choice!
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